Monday, November 9, 2009

Welcome to DIY Greenwalls

About 6 months ago I made an 80sqft greenwall in my New York apartment with about 400 plants on it. I took time lapse photos of the planting process and made a movie out of them and posted them on youtube. In 6 months I've gotten almost 18,000 views and countless emails and comments from people who want to build there own walls .

I decided it was time to make a blog where I could post more info for people who want to make there own walls. Also I'm interested in making walls for other people too so contact me if you'd like to hire me to help you make a wall.

Please suggest topics for posts or write your own and send them to me. I can be reached at m at




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  2. Hi, Im very interested in making a vertical garden, I have some ideas I would love to throw to you so you can probably help me out with this. Im neither an arquitect or a designer but Im very in love with a person who will totally love this. so yeah... where can I write you to? My email is sodeedee at gmail . com
    Please write back if interested