Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Antonino's Questions

Antonino emailed me to ask.

> 1. How did you build the basin? Is the basin attached to the structure at all?

My Basin is built from PVC (bad stuff). It is not attached to the wall. It just sits under the edge of the wall. I would have preferred to use stainless steel (expensive) or even some kind of plastic basin. Unfortunately my wall is curved so it had to be something custom.

> 2. How does the structure stand? Are the aluminum pipes screwed to the closet itself?

Yes the aluminum is screwed to the top of the closet and to the floor.

> 3. How many gpm is the pump you are using?

Unfortunately I don't remember. When you buy your pump it will be rated to pump water vertically up to a certain height. I would say in general you can go to the lower end of the range. You don't need the kind of force these pumps are rated for to water a wall.

> 4. How thick is the tubing you use for irrigation?

Also don't remember exactly but I'd estimate the vertical tube at 1.5" and the tube across the top at .5"

Thanks for your questions and good luck with your wall.

If you have any greenwall building questions please send them to m at blackcross.cc




  1. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for sharing all that info. I'm looking to build one hopefully in the near future. I just contacted green roof solutions to hopefully get that water retention mat.
    Anyways, I just have a couple quick questions that I'm hoping you wouldn't mind clarifying.
    Did you just have one horizontal tube going across the very top of the garden to water the whole thing, or multiple tubes?
    Did you use that regular flexible tubing and poke small holes in it, or was it a soaker hose type thing, or was it one where you had those drip emitters coming out?
    And the last question.. when you cut those slits, did you staple the front piece of felt to the back piece of felt to form a pocket, then put the dirt in then plant? Or did you just cut the slit, and put the plant in without dirt?

  2. Hi Matt,
    do you have any kind of diagrams showing the irrigation and the or the kind of felt (where to get it)

  3. @V3_STUDIO_BERZUNZA There are posts mentioning irrigation design and where to get the felt. I advise you to start at the first post a read forward. If you still have questions after that email or post a comment.