Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three New Greenwalls!

I've got three new walls to talk about for this post.

Wall #1

Made by my friend, and greenwall consultant, Tina Dituri this wall was just made in New York City. Tina and I have been swapping notes as this wall is fairly similar to mine. More pictures to come but here's a photo of the wall in progress.

Wall #2

This wall is posted on youtube by Peter Kastan in Miami as a response to my video. Peter and I have been corresponding and it's great to see his wall finished and looking great. This videos shows the last plant being planted and a bit of a mishap.

Wall #3

My wife just got back from a whirlwind European tour (London, Paris, and Milan) She was tipped off by a friend in London about this wall in the Anthropologie store. This wall uses a modular system not the Blanc system. I have heard these modular walls can be difficult to maintain. Please comment if you've had experience with the modular system.

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Keep your questions coming I'll do my best to answer them here.


  1. Hi,
    I am planning to build an outside living wall and I am still at the design stage. I am stuck on the issue of the irrigation and fertilisation. How do you combine this? I would ideally like to feed the plants with dissolved fertilizer every time the water is flowing, but I am now not sure if this is actually necessary? It's hard to find straight forward answer to this, apart from the fact, that yes, you have to not only water the plants, but also feed them. I plan to use the hydroponic system, so no soil at all in the pocket, just water dripping from the top of the structure. How often should I add fertiliser and HOW on earth to do it if everything is going to be connected to the mains? I imagine an additional tank with fertiliser..and this becomes too much of a project...are there any ideas how to bypass this?
    Thank you!

  2. Why are you so set on hydroponic? The standard greenwall uses soil. If you want to do a totally hydroponic greenwall I'd recommend adapting an existing hydroponic system. Good luck!