Friday, April 16, 2010

Carlos' Beautiful Wall

Carlos wrote to me to share his making of video and to thank me for the info on this site. He wrote:

"Hi Matt

I want to congratulate by continue to share with us your garden and your experience. I also want show you the garden I made with a part of your information. Thanks.

A great greetings from Mexico

Carlos Pacheco"

This makes me so happy! The whole point of this site is to show people that if they want a greenwall they can make it themselves. Carlos' wall is beautiful. I especially like the use of the white felt. It makes it look as if the plants are just growing right out of the wall. Also it's great to see that Carlos used emitters and he plumbed his system. Very smart. I'm still carrying 5 gallon buckets to my wall every few days. Also the long hanging plants really help to break up the texture of the wall. It will be interesting to see photos of the wall as it fills in too. Our wall was planted so densely that it really hasn't changed much but Carlos' wall will definitely grow in a bit. Can't wait to see it. Congratulations Carlos. Hopefully Carlos will be interested in writing a description of the making of his wall. I publish it here if he is.