Sunday, March 8, 2015

Great DIY Greenwall Info in Danish

Per wrote to me to share his blog (in Danish) on his experience making a greenwall. He did a great job documenting his process and his wall turned out really well. He wrote to ask me about my basin. He's using a plastic storage container as a temporary basin. As I have mentioned before my basin is made of expanded PVC. If I could do it again I'd use stainless steel instead. PVC is not a great material for the environment. That said to answer Per's question my basin is glued and screwed together. I'm not sure exactly what glue was used but I did find a PDF for expanded PVC that has a table with acceptable glues. If this blog helped you make a greenwall please send in your photos or any questions that you have.


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  7. That Danish blog is gone now. Any chance you saved something?

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