Sunday, June 27, 2010


Raquel said...

And what about the light?
because where I'm plannig to build my wall doesn't have direct sunlight, there's just artificial light... what kind of lights do I need?
Thanks for answer!

Hi Raquel,

I use compact fluorescent bulbs. They are NOT full spectrum. I think they may be "cool white". From "Ecology of the planted aquarium" by Diane Walstad she shows that "cool white" is almost as good as full spectrum for growing plants.



  1. hi! my name is hector and am interested in this kind of garden!, am student of architecture in honduras and i want to know how to make a greenwall, sorry if i can not express so well, cause i am learning english and it is hard write this, i was searching in the web about how to make a greenwall but i only find pictures and photos of some buildings and your video in youtube and i find amazing everything you made but, right now am doing a design of a clinic and i want to propose a greenwall in one of the walls of outside, and i dont want to bother you but, would you tell me how to make this gardens and what i would need, materials, tools and what kind of plants can be used to this wall, how to put in this walls this plants and what do you do to get the plants stand in their places.

    i will be so gratefull for your help and if you want it my email is

  2. Hi Matt. I really like your green wall and have decided to make one of my own. What I like about your's in particular is the density of all of the plants. I noticed that you used a string in the beginning as a guide to make straight and even pockets for the plants. Did you space them about 6" apart?
    Also, any ideas on a basin?

  3. hello matt i am garden architect from slovakia. I would like to build make own green wall system at my house. I have read many articles about this kind of growing plants but I have never read about the way how to put the felt to the base. Could you advise me?

    Thanks matt

  4. @Hector @Matt if you go to the earliest post in my blog and read forward all your questions should get answered. If you have any further questions let me know.


  5. @Patrick I answered you question in my latest post.

  6. In general, the more light your plants have access to, the faster it will grow and yield. The grow light contains an electric lamp designed to promote plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis. The emitted light spectrum is similar to that from the sun, allowing indoor growth with outdoor conditions.